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What are the most important elements of paid advertising campaigns that are producing a tangible effect on Facebook?  

  1. Keep your balance between wide and narrow targeting. The first one will reach random people only. The second one won't give Facebook a chance for proper optimization and will significantly raise ad costs. If you tend to use too specific input criteria, you'll probably overpay for your ad.
  2. Target customized, non-standard groups of consumers. Every Facebook user can fall into a specific ad category by accident. However, in order for them to make it into your e-mail database of current clients, be among the users visiting your website, or Facebook page – they will need to take specific steps. Often, these are customers that can be tagged as being on a further stage of the sales pipeline – a perfect target for your ads.
  3. Link the advertising purpose to a particular type of post. In other words: post with a specific goal in mind. Certain types of content and advertising activities have a tendency to redirect to the website, while other are great for engaging consumers on Facebook. Bottom line: make sure that what you post triggers a reaction you are looking for. 

How to test the potential of a planned ad?

I wanted to close with a recommendation a quote that is worth a thousand trainings: “Present your ad to three of your friends and ask them if it would convince them to give you their contact information, visit your website, or would it perhaps make them do whatever the ad is asking them to do. 

If you get negative responses, the path is clear: get back to the drawing board and forget (for now) about using more sophisticated tools. Perhaps your message is unclear, inaccurate, not engaging enough, or is simply not trustworthy. Even the best ad might stumble upon the challenge that is the human factor. It is, after all, the biggest challenge you will ever face in modern marketing.”