First, let’s create a setting we all know: “A group of people standing over a graphic designer’s desk. Every single person is convinced that their vision is superior.” Next: “You're writing down your checklist in the calendar app, in an Excel sheet and in sticky notes for good measure. But you still manage to forget about one of the projects. Meanwhile, your graphic designer decided to send you a million files and now you have to spend half an hour cleaning your mailbox.” Sounds familiar?

Is it possible to work like that? Sure.

But why would you, if you can use Asana?

Asana – the project management tool that sports a friendly interface, will aid you in:

  • Creating separate tabs for every project that you are managing;
  • Dividing projects into tasks and every task into subtasks; This means you can divide the whole project into stages and easily swap between tasks;
  • Establishing deadlines for every task and subtask, with an accuracy of a particular date and hour (Asana offers easy time-tracking);
  • Assigning tasks and subtasks to particular people;
  • Attaching files to tasks and subtasks;
  • Adding comments to every task and subtask;
  • Marking your tasks with a wide array of colorful tags - our favorites are "urgent" and "important" ;)
  • Tracking progress - you can "check" every finished task and subtask;
  • Preparing periodic summaries of every project – think “status meetings”, but digital;

Additionally, Asana can archive all the projects and attached files in full resolution – this is an invaluable asset if you need to revisit any detail for any reason. We’re not sure how it’s possible, but we never managed to run out of free space with Asana. Let’s hope this lasts

Best part? It will allow you to clear you head and forward everything from your brain, to your digital brain: the data will be organized, prioritized and planned out. Managing project has never been so simple. Optimizing your work? Task completed!