Witnessing the way brands communicate in social media is a mixed feeling. Sometimes it’s great, but sometimes your wonder if the person behind the keyboard may be suffering from the Stockholm syndrome.

Let’s elaborate: it is still strongly believed that blocking the user is – in a way – a form of surrender, a white flag coming from the company, while hiding comments shows lack of courage and transparency.

It's only partly true

We, as Social Tigers, bring a wholly different approach to the table. If the comment doesn't come from the person directly affected by the company, or its activities, and is in any way vulgar, or offensive, it will most likely end up being hidden and the user blocked.

Naturally, there is a number of cases in which this is not the best thing to do. However, we want to make it clear that banning, or hiding comments, is not a bad thing by default.

And since we have you here: what are your guidelines in dealing with negative comments?